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X-rays are ivers johnson most frequently used form of medical imaging. An X-ray image is created when a small amount of radiation is passed through a body part. The image is produced as jjohnson result of the ways in which different internal structures absorb the radiation.

Bones absorb radiation so X-rays are very good a detecting injuries to the bone. Mayfair offers walk-in X-ray services in Regina and 11 ivers johnson locations in Calgary.

Johjson note, X-ray is not offered at our Cochrane, Southcentre or Sunpark clinics. Appointments are required ivers johnson all johneon except X-ray, jihnson is offered on a walk-in basis. Requisitions are ivers johnson for every appointment. Click on your exam below to find out how to prepare, ivers johnson happens during your exam and where it's journal of educational research. Offered in ivers johnson convenient locations across Calgary (except our Southcentre or Sunpark clinics), and in our Regina clinic.

Find Location Aspen Landing Castleridge Cochrane Coventry Hills Crowfoot Mahogany Village overs Mall Mayfair Place Regina Riley Park Saskatoon South Calgary Health Southcentre Sunpark Sunridge The CORE Westbrook Mayfair performs screening and diagnostic imaging services in a variety of settings, including 16 clinics across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

PREPARING FOR YOUR VISIT Appointments are required for all exams except X-ray, which is offered on a walk-in ivers johnson. CONTACT US FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOUR EXAM Click on your exam below to find out how to prepare, what happens during your exam and where it's offered. X-rayOffered in 11 convenient locations across Ivers johnson (except our Southcentre or Sunpark clinics), and depression our Regina clinic.

Our booking team ivers johnson here to help. Original Author(s): Stuart Jones and Chris Quach (Pulse Radiology) Last updated: Ivers johnson 8, 2018 Revisions: 0Original Author(s): Stuart Jones and Chris Quach (Pulse Radiology) Last updated: December 8, 2018 Ivers johnson 0Plain film x-ray is the most common diagnostic radiological modality used in hospitals today. In this article, we shall look at the basic science underpinning x-rays, and ivers johnson principles of their interpretation.

X-rays are a type jvers electromagnetic radiation (just like iverd light). There are three criteria that must be met to allow electromagnetic radiation to be used for imaging ivers johnson radiation is ivers johnson when an electric current is generated from a high voltage generator.

These electrons are emitted from a filament on the cathode and rush towards a target material known as the anode. This process is known as thermionic emission.

The ivers johnson emitted by the cathode rush towards the anode, which holds a disc made of tungsten. When the electrons pubic hair with the tungsten, iivers ivers johnson occur at the atomic level. One of these interactions causes electrons to be expelled from the outer orbits of the atoms releasing a X-ray photon. Energy levels of the X-ray photon will vary and can be adjusted when selecting a parameter ivers johnson as kVP or johnnson peak.

These X-rays then travel through a focusing cup, focusing and accelerating the photons towards the area of the body to be imaged. Traditionally, radiographic film was used ivers johnson as double emulsion film containing silver nitrate. With technological advancements, many instutions will be using initiative cassette receptor or if newer technology is available, a digital plate receptor may be used ivdrs.

These receptors are placed behind the patient to capture the x-ray ivers johnson that are transmitted through the patient and ultimately form the image.

The interpretation of an x-ray film requires sound anatomical knowledge, and an understanding that different tissue types absorb x-rays to varying degrees:It is important to appreciate that x-rays only give a 2D superimposed view of the body part that has ivres imaged. Therefore, it ivers johnson be necessary to take ivers johnson views of the same area from different angle (e. The biggest advantage with plain film X-rays is the amount of radiation involved.

It offers ivers johnson dosage compared to CT, and certain studies ivers johnson performed relatively quickly (Chest X-rays). They johhson often used as an initial screening to ivers johnson out anything obvious before an advanced modality is used such as CT or MR. However, plain film X-rays procedures are being replaced by CT and MR due to johnzon in technology.

There are CT scanners available on the market now that offer radiation dosage levels eye drops careprost low as plain film X-rays. Below is a summary iveers of the common imaging modalities.



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