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Mary environmeng Website St. John the Evangelist 316-321-4796 Website St. Ambrose 620-449-2224 Website Sacred Heart 620-583-7100 Mary Queen of Angels 620-223-4340 Website Sacred Heart 620-378-2694 Geography environment sustainability wos Rev.

Smeltzer Sacred Heart 620-231-7747 Website St. Patrick 620-429-2639 Website St. Anthony of Padua 316-531-2252 Website Clergy: Rev.

Michael 620-724-8717 Website Church of the Holy Spirit 316-794-3496 Website Sacred Erythromycin Lactobionate (Erythrocin Lactobionate)- Multum of Emotional numbness 316-830-2818 Website Clergy: Rev.

John 620-583-7100 Website St. Cecilia 316-522-0461 Geography environment sustainability wos St. Joseph 620-431-3165 Church of the Holy Cross 620-665-5163 Website Clergy: Rev.

Teresa 620-662-7812 Website Clergy: Rev. Patrick 620-532-5440 Website St. Bridget of Sweden 620-241-0821 Holy Trinity geography environment sustainability wos Clergy: Rev. Teresa of Avila 620-583-7100 Website Holy Family - Marion Scenesse. Joseph 620-241-0821 Website St. Mary 620-647-3577 Website St. Vernon 316-500-1940 Website St. Michael 316-777-4221 Website St. Ignatius 620-325-5215 Clergy: Rev. Mary 316-282-0459 Sos Clergy: Rev.

Joseph - Ost 316-444-2210 Website Mary Mother of God 620-795-2262 St. Patrick 620-421-6762 Website St. Pius X Student Center (PSU) 620-235-1138 Website St. Bridget 620-429-2639 Website St. Peter the Apostle - Schulte 316-522-4728 Website St.

Francis 620-449-2224 Website St. Anthony 620-767-6412 Website Geography environment sustainability wos. Louis - Waterloo 316-500-1940 Website St.

Shepherd Christ the King 316-943-4353 Website Church of the Blessed Sacrament 316-682-4557 Website Clergy: Rev. Siegman Church of the Magdalen 316-634-2315 Website Clergy: Rev. Kerschen Church of the Resurrection 316-744-2776 Website Holy Savior 316-682-8712 Website Clergy: Rev.

Anthony 316-269-4101 Susstainability St. Catherine of Siena 316-425-0595 Website Clergy: Rev. Elizabeth Ann Seton 316-721-1686 Website Clergy: Rev. Francis of Assisi 316-722-4404 Website Clergy: Rev. Joseph 316-261-5800 Website Clergy: Rev. Jude 316-838-1963 Website St. Maximilian Kolbe (McConnell Air Force Base) 316-759-3562 St. Paul Geography environment sustainability wos Parish (WSU) 316-684-6896 Website St.

Thomas Aquinas 316-683-6569 Website Clergy: Rev. Peter - Willowdale 620-246-5370 Holy Name 620-221-3610 Website St.

Rose of Lima 620-767-6412 Website Holy Name of Jesus 620-257-3503 St. Mark the Evangelist geography environment sustainability wos Website St.

Joseph 620-456-2276 Website Sacred Heart 316-796-1224 Website Sacred Heart Catholic School (620) 442-6550 Website Leaky gut. James Catholic School 316-775-5721 Website St.

Patrick Catholic School 620-431-4020 Website Holy Name Catholic School 620-251-0480 Website St. Joseph Catholic Geography environment sustainability wos 620-456-2270 Website St. Mary Parish Catholic Lyrica pfizer 300 316-788-3151 Website St.

Mary's Catholic School 620-223-6060 Website Holy Spirit Catholic School 316-794-8139 Website St. Cecilia Catholic School 316-522-0461 Website Holy Cross Catholic School 620-665-6168 Website St. Andrew Catholic School 620-331-2870 Website St. Patrick Usstainability School 620-532-2791 Website St. Joseph Catholic School 620-241-3913 Website St. Michael Catholic Preschool 316-777-4221 Website St. Mary Catholic School 316-282-1974 Website St. Joseph Catholic School - Ost 316-444-2548 St.



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