Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder think, that


You are borderline personality disorder unique loveable amazing human being and you deserve love and care. Please do what makes you happy and calm as much as possible (music, art, walks in nature, whatever.

You are a survivor. You are going to be ok. LikeLiked by 1 personThanks Yvetteyour so kind and encouraging, I so need lifting words. A good Thing is I am so Tried of spinning. I have still an over reaction to embedded security issues from childhood that i fear failure and flee quickly to the security of escape of sorted forms.

Sending healing energy your way. You can do this thing called life. I understand why I think this way. Now I need to make proper adjustments to steer my mind from the why to the better.

I was just remembering yesterday by Music of a memory borderline personality disorder a adverse event, I was frozen for a moment and just said no more and turn the music off i realize now non borderline personality disorder the thinking pattern is Ever going to be helpful. My sister died of cancer she at age 11. My dad di d of alcoholism at age 49. I am grateful for was 14.

My brother jdi every m a farm accident at age 50. My mom died of a stroke at age 89. I had borderline personality disorder heart attack at age 50 and a stroke at age 61. Please offer me some validation that death and loss of family members have contributed to my own illnesses my whole life. LikeLikeOf course they have, Kay. As was explained at the beginning of Got Your ACE Score.

LikeLikeThank you, Jane, for your reply. I am finding the information about early childhood borderline personality disorder to mycoril invaluable and am so glad I found out about it. I am reading everything I can about to his topic. I have narcolepsy with cataplexy and fibromyalgia. Are both these health problems the direct result of my childhood trauma. LikeLikeActually, thinking about it, borderline personality disorder first three years and approaching teenage age years are (I read somewhere) the most crucial periods for secure augmentin 125 with caregivers.

Coincidental that both my health problems began around those ages. I also have GAD and depressionLikeLikeYes. Not thriving, just surviving still in my 50s. Wishing everyone great healing in 2018. LikeLikeMy ACE score was high and my resilience score was good. Had a fabulous loving caring mother and one beloved teacher who kept me close and gave me a great deal of attention. Poverty added to the mix. It shows that one great parent and caring people around a borderline personality disorder makes modern electronic materials the difference.

On the issue of illness I was sick from babyhood borderline personality disorder through my six decades of my life. Added to all those illnesses I developed three more severe illnesses in my sixth decade.



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