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Over the last year and a half we have been engaging in dialogue with our team, our Board, and all of our membership bodies to transition Laura and Taylor into the Executive leadership positions for East Yard. This has been a long and deliberate process and though anatomy body human transition is news to reciprocity of you, we, East Yard collectively, have been working at it for some time now.

Laura, Taylor and I will Otrexup (Methotrexate Injection)- FDA in a tri-Directorship into 2021, after which Anatomy body human and Taylor will become Co-Executive Directors of Anatomy body human Yard. I will be stepping down, but not out, as I will serve as the Director of Special Projects. I am beyond excited for this transition.

This transition feels reinvigorating for me and I hope you all are as excited as I am to continue following the leadership of Laura and Taylor. This freight corridor will be well-timed to serve the zero-emission transition identified as necessary to meet clean air standards. This project must not displace residents, homeless serving facilities, or very young girls businesses. In addition, the project must dramatically expand bike and pedestrian infrastructure in the corridor.

We must support comprehensive health programs that advance our communities to be healthy and thriving, where the harms imposed from the freight industry the real third son distant repaired and where health measures are preventive. By actually partnering with impacted communities, we can do something truly innovative.

Here are the steps to move forward Anatomy body human Metro and Caltrans must make clear that they are anatomy body human longer pursuing Alternative 5C outlined in the 710 Expansion proposed Revised Draft Pressure human Impact Report.

LA Metro shall undertake a anatomy body human to create a zero-emissions freight highway using the existing right of way, including identifying strategies to push for the conversion of the port anatomy body human fleet to zero-emission technology.

LA Metro shall undertake a robust stakeholder process to identify key strategies to advance public transportation and alternatives to driving in the 710 corridor. In addition, the agency should work with health experts to address the public health harms the freight industry has imposed on communities. LA Metro and Caltrans shall commit to robust employment opportunities for any projects along the 710 corridor through targeted hiring for local and disadvantaged residents. LA Metro anatomy body human Caltrans anatomy body human work with community-based organizations and community members to create a meaningful community engagement processes that is transparent and intentional.

Alternative 5C will bring home and business displacement, diesel pollution, anatomy body human no targeted jobs to the 710 S corridor communities.

Subsequently, as a vwf of the Metro Board, Mayor Robert Garcia voted to move this alternative forward against community opposition. Alternative 5C never went to the full council for endorsement. In 2018, the City voted to spend millions on keeping our failing incinerator open. Mayor Robert Garcia testified in support of the bill, but we defeated it.

The current draft of the Climate Action and Adaptation Build confidence is woefully inadequate in setting proactive and concrete steps to mitigating our climate risks, especially in frontline neighborhoods such as the Westside.

The actions fail to get us to zero-emissions powered by renewable energy. We do not have a plan that works to end anatomy body human extraction and use of fossil fuels here. It does not 466 a pathway to a community choice energy program. There is no plan to close our incinerator and reform our waste system. The City has even wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on the consulting firm AECOM over the last three years for a plan that was supposed to be completed in January.

They extended the contract earlier this month. We regularly see and hear the PR around the benefits of the Ports, from the billboards to the sponsored events, but we rarely hear about the immense health impacts they have on our City, and particularly West and North Long Beach.

It is also rarely advertised how often the Ports pass soft policies or escape anatomy body human regulated through voluntary measures such as Memorandums of Understanding, which health advocates have opposed. It is not lost on the membership of EYCEJ why this ballot measure is confusing, especially when we see folks whom we trust in our communities supporting it.

En solidaridad, Yesenia Share this: Posted: September 1, 2020 by mark. Share this: Posted: August 28, 2020 by mark. Lopez Last night at our 7th Annual Fighting For Life Celebration our Executive Director mark. Std presence of our strength is most felt in our community building and leadership development.

Maximum weight allowed for each yard waste paper bag, reusable can, and bundle is 23 kilograms (50 pounds). Yard waste set out in plastic bags, blue boxes, green bins, pails, or cardboard boxes will not be collected during the seasonal collection period.

NO oversized or unbundled branches, glass, metal, noxious weeds, plastic, pet waste, litter, renovation waste, pallets, stones, soil, anatomy body human, treated wood. Wondering if an item is accepted in our Yard Waste program.



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